Creating The Perfect Non-Traditional Network TV Show

Gideon's Screenwriting Tips: Now You're a Screenwriter

Scripted TV is heading into edgy mainstream territory. Indie commercial. Conservative radical. As with every industry of the day, DISRUPTION is the current industry paradigm.

With a mature TV marketplace, audiences are growing tired of rehashed stories, characters and situations. They are less inclined to accept the status quo, but not quite ready to embrace the outlandish. Good storytelling will always remain the bedrock of quality TV, no matter how its execution evolves.

If you have a fresh writing voice, a unique take on a popular theme, or you’re just left field in your view of the world, cablers want to hear from you. Odd is the new normal.

If you have a vision that can be executed over a season, network executives want to hear from you. Since the commercial stakes have been lowered with the smaller networks, especially online, they are more inclined to take a chance on newer writers…

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