Why It’s A Good Idea For Screenwriters To Write Books

Gideon's Screenwriting Tips: Now You're a Screenwriter

Selling a screenplay to the studio system is getting more difficult. Budgets are shrinking and studios are making fewer films. The temperamental independent world is slowly sputtering back to life. Only to collapse again. What’s a writer to do?

It’s a well known fact that studios have a preference for pre-existing works in another medium such as comic, graphic novel or novel. If you have interest in your manuscript from a reputable publisher, you are a hotter commodity, before it’s even in print. This doesn’t apply to self-published books. Unfortunately, this route contains too many vanity projects to afford you much bargaining power.

Your printed property also has more avenues for commercial exploitation than a screenplay.  If you’re a first time screenwriter, the best case scenario for a sale is WGA minimum scale plus 10%. This amounts to a little over $50k. Not too shabby, you might say.

Consider the alternative…

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