Can Mindfulness Be Applied to Writing?

Helpful advise for a distracted age.

A Writer's Path

by Sheree Crawford

Mindfulness is the hot thing right now; it’s being talked about, summed up, and debated in all corners of society, and so it’s reasonable to ask whether or not mindfulness can be applied to writing. Well, the obvious answer is of course it can! How is another matter.

If you’re one of those still in the dark there are plenty of resources which will help you to get a grip on it. At it’s heart, however, mindfulness is about self-awareness; being aware of our thoughts, feelings, and  our bodies, and recognising how these things affect our behaviour, moods, and even mental well-being (you can use mindfulness to control anxiety, for example.

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Guest post (linguistics, George Orwell)

I was reminded of George Orwell’s rules for writing this weekend while reading an article about the German architectural historian, Nikolaus Pevsner (1902–1983). In her article, “New guides to Bath: Society and scene in Northanger Abbey”, Judy Stove-Wilson wrote that Pevsner noted the strong tendency of English towards monosyllables. He regarded this as symptomatic of ‘understatement, the […]

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How To Write The Engine Of Your TV Series

Screenwriting support.

Gideon's Screenwriting Tips: Now You're a Screenwriter

There is a term bandied around TV writers rooms called the ENGINE. What exactly is the engine of a TV show?

As its name suggests, the simplest way to describe your story engine, is to define what drives every episode in the series. The engine is the nerve center of your TV series. It defines the starting point of your TV series as well as the trajectory of each season.

What are the key elements of an engine? Most importantly, the engine defines what your story isn’t and what it isn’t. Your engine keeps your story on track.


The premise is really the concept of your TV show. For example, 2 Broke Girls is a workplace sitcom about two financially-challenged waitresses in a Brooklyn diner.

The Bing Bang Theory is an urban tribe sitcom about nerdy scientists.

Girl Boss is a semi-biopic about Sophia Amoruso, the founder of the online Nasty…

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Step-by-step creating a project in Scrivener – nailing that outline

Live to Write - Write to Live

So how is my Scrivener project going?

scrivener-512Going to be honest here, I’ve switched my project. I was going to use Scrivener to write a memoir manuscript on clearing my heart of clutter in order to clear my house of clutter. I’m still going to do that one, but the writing part is going to take longer.

And I want to get a project done.

So I decided to use Scrivener to write a series of lessons learned, tips, and advice on dealing with Lyme disease. This is tick season and, because I have written so much on Lyme disease in the past, people are constantly asking me for advice. As you may know five of my kids and I have Lyme disease, trust me I have a lot of lessons and tips to share on taking care of others, as well as yourself when Lyme is in the house.

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